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Succeeded by — Dr. Leslie Tistaert 1929
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Does your dental office offer the services of a dentist and an RN, Nurse Practitioner?
Mary E. Tistaert, RN, NP, CNM

Mary brings with her twenty five years of nursing skills. Mary has worked in the emergency room environment, in cardiology with bypass surgery, in orthopedics with hip and knee replacements, in gerontology and care of patients that are medically compromised.

Mary has worked extensively in her primary trained field of prenatal care, LaMaz classes and delivery of babies. She has delivered 1900+ babies as a primary care giver sometimes in settings where she is the only healthcare provider within 150 miles of a hospital. She has assisted as an RN under an MD in another six hundred births.

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Personal Background

My personal background included working in boatyards on boats (24-85 feet) from inception to completion (to me the ultimate is designing and building one-off original things, which these boats were). In preparation to being a naval architect, I attended Santa Monica College 2 years in Welding and Machining and engineering, then USC in Mechanical Engineering. I shifted from being an employee in a boatyard to owning and running an engineering company for 28 years (design, engineering, prototype, and short run production). I made side steps along the way in my education to attend Crawford Nautical School in order to test for and get a USCG Captain's license, Electronics class @ SMC to enable obtaining an FCC Radio License with Radar Endorsement for servicing these units, GM Detroit Diesel Training school for training in diesel mechanics, etc. The biggest side step would be to appease my Father and Grandfather who wanted a third generation dentist. There were 2,000 applicants to USC Dental School for 120 positions and I assumed I would not get accepted. I was wrong! USC Dental School sucked me in like you might suck a piece of paper in with a vacuum cleaner.

At age 12, I had won a boat design award from the Brunswick corporation for my design and fabrication. I had patents on a number of items. By age 18 our company had clearance to build parts for the Navy.

USC Dental School looked at my resume and grades and business and like "Uncle Sam" might say to a draft volunteer -- "I want you!"

I joined my Father in the Dental Practice and he was available to help me when the engineering company placed demands on me. My Mom, holder of an MBA from USC, put aside her career, in the Governor's Office, to help run the dental office and the engineering company.

When my Father passed away, besides loosing my Father, I also lost an incredibly creative dentist from the dental practice – it was a double loss.

After 28 years of running the engineering and fabrication company, I sold the company and the manufacturing equipment so I could concentrate on the dental office. Although the new owners took on our employees, it was a change to no longer see and work with these people on a daily basis.

My Father's Contribution to Dentistry
And Our Office

My Father was super gifted and creative. 20-40 years before anyone else had discovered things, he would be routinely doing these things with his patients - slowing the progress of gum disease with the use of antibiotics, acid etching and bonding teeth as he did on some of the child and adult actresses, doing cosmetic crowns on children instead of psychologically traumatizing and impairing children by placing grossly obnoxious stainless steel crowns as was, for years, the accepted practice on children by the profession, etc..

In 2002, we had 28 patients aged 90-100 years old. Only 2 had a denture - the rest had their own teeth - to me this makes a definite statement!

My Father had discovered how to partially counter periodontal disease and realized in many cases it had bacterial origins. He also found other much more advanced methodology in maintaining the teeth. That is why our 90-100 year olds did not have dentures.

Now, 40 years later, many of my Father's techniques and practices have come in to common use. Science has advanced and so has our office. We have new proprietary offerings that other dental offices are not likely to have including self made special dental instruments.

Some of the instructors, at the dental schools, said my Father had no right to keep what he discovered as proprietary information. They at times have gotten quite hostile about this.

A billionaire industrialist and patient of ours told my brother, that was in graduate business school - if your professors had my knowledge and skill and could make the kind of money that I do, they would not be professors in a business school; they would be out doing what I am doing! (There is only one exception, one person, to what this man said, that I am aware of)

My Father graduated and started his practice in the middle of the "Great Depression." Things were tough, but my Father had a great skill as well as being super inventive and creative. Patients came to him from all over the World in an era when travel was in its infancy (my father saved many of the Western Union telegrams sent him from various parts of the World by his patients). Patients became aware he could do things in dentistry other dentists could not do and often times other dentists could not even understand the principals behind what my father was doing - it was beyond their comprehension and/or interest.

He said even when he tried to correct other dentists; they were doggedly stubborn about changing away from techniques my Father had determined were no good.

3 Generation Family Dental Practice Now Closed after 102 years

(55 years for Dr Glen Tistaert)

Now, after fifty-five years of personally practicing dentistry, I am transitioning out of this business, like I had previously done with the engineering company. This is a really difficult thing for me to do because I truly liked the field of dentistry. The people we had as dental patients were incredibly nice and highly skilled people. It was interesting to talk to them as well as actually provide dental service for them.

I am truly going to miss our dental patients. Anyone that wishes is welcome to email Glen, at gtistaert@gmail.com or Mary at metisme5@yahoo.com

Dr Luis Guerra, is located in his own dental clinic building, at 519 Arizona Ave Santa Monica 90401. Tel 310 453-2000. He has taken over the care of our dental patients.

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